Observed Trials is an off-road motorcycle sport where the rider is challenged by the terrain. The ultimate goal is for the participants to pass through marked sections of terrain, one at a time, without falling or putting their feet down. The start and end of each section is clearly marked. The left boundary of the section is marked with blue tape and the right boundary is marked with red tape. Speed does not matter. The rider proceeds though sections at whatever speed he determines will allow him to clear the obstacles in his way. In fact, more experienced riders sometimes stop completely in a section, while maintaining their balance, and hop the front or rear wheel around to get into a better position to clear an obstacle. Riders are split into classes based on ability and experience which includes Youth Classes. In Trials, the motor size has no bearing on which class you ride in. Each rider uses a score card to keep track of his progress. As he passes through each section, either the section observer or the rider will determine his score for the section. If the rider passes through the section without crashing or putting a foot down, he scores a zero (clean) for the section. Each time a foot is used for support one point is counted, up to a maximum of three points. After that he can use his feet all he wants. If the rider crashes, goes out of bounds or stops forward motion with a foot on the ground, he will receive five points for the section. At the end of the day, riders points are totaled and the rider with the least number of points in his respective class is declared the winner. Although some Trials sections are extremely challenging, injuries in Trials are very rare. Competitors are riding generally at slower speeds over ground that they have surveyed prior to riding. If a rider finds a section too intimidating, he can opt not to ride the section, receive an automatic five points and continue on to the next section.

Sound interesting? The best way to get started is to call N.I.T.R.O. and ask lots of questions. We want to promote the sport of Observed Trials and are always happy to answer questions and give advice.

Photo clockwise

  1. 1.Sportsman riders at Byron IL

  2. 2.Vintage class rider

  3. 3.Women’s class

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